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Basis empowers your team to seamlessly store, request, and transfer real estate data. 

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A better way to work together

Basis gives your team a homebase and allows you to seamlessly request and transfer data with third parties.

Request information seemlessly


Make your life easy. Create custom forms and request information directly from third parties. No more manually keying-in information. 

Stay organized automatically

Let the system organize for you. On Basis, project management happens in Workflows, right alongside your data and reporting. 

Create reports instantly


Save time. Since your team is working from a single source of information, reporting is instant and on-demand. Collaboration is always faster.

Real estate teams of all sizes are using Basis to seamlessly store, request and transfer data




Managing borrower consents across 1,500 loans and 5 loan servicers.


Managing listing 

agreements, client database, closing checklists and market data.


Managing due diligence checklists and creation of asset summary reports.


Managing lease up and capital projects for a $10mm value -add acquisition.


Collecting monthly sales reporting across 20 locations and 8 franchisees.

Enterprise Grade.

Basis builds the most powerful, flexible, and secure tools for real estate. 

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Basis is backed by the premier investors in commerical real estate technology. 

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